Penny Dalton

I have known Sandra Beevers from Beevers Real Estate for over 10 years.

She has been beside me through my real estate journey. From the purchase of my unit, renting it and finally the successful sale, Sandra has been in my corner. Her sage and knowledgeable advise on the property market married with her incredible honesty and integrity make Sandra a true force to be reckoned with.

She makes a true connection with her clients and always has their best interests at heart. Even if it is to the detriment to herself. I went to Sandra in 2019 wanting to put my unit on the market. She advised me to wait 12 months, rent it and see if the market improved. She could have put it on the market then, pocketed the commission and moved on, but she really wanted me to get the best possible outcome when my unit went to market.

I took her advise rented it for 12 months, did some necessary renovations, staged it and put it on the market in August. It sold within 8 days and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Sandra's attention to detail regarding the photography and advertising placement meant that in a market that is flooded with units, mine stood out.

I was also completely blown away with the commitment Sandra gave to the sale of my unit. Although it was a mid range sale, she gave it the time and energy that some bigger and more well known Real Estate agents would only give to more expensive property's.

If you want an agent that really connects with you and has an unbelievable level of professional and personal integrity plus honesty then look no further than Sandra Beevers.

A true gem in a sea of real estate dross.
eing such a joy to deal with, you are our dream real estate agent!